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After we have calculated the ideal composition, we can get started. We place the solar panels or connect the off grid system to an existing solar panel installation. The inverter ensures that the electricity from the solar panels (DC) is converted to AC. Everything is tailored to the need for energy and is uniquely adjustable. The proven technology on our YouGrid “Skid” ensures that you can check, change or make additions from your PC. The system is unlimitedly expandable. Is there more energy required and you can install additional solar panels, no problem. You have room for every extra source of energy, eg wind turbine. Do you generate more than you consume? The intelligent YouGrid system ensures that no energy is lost and systematically functions both as inverter and as a charger for the battery. It is also always possible to connect to an emergency generator or the normal distribution network. There are no limits here. We calculate perfectly what is the ideal solution for you. Both private, industrial and agricultural.

Fully independent of your own energy saves you many unnecessary costs and is reimbursed in short term.

Do you currently already have solar panels? Perfect! But … you pay prosumer rate for this. And what did you get invoiced? Injection meter, quadrants, decoupling board, connection costs, reinforcement of the net, … at a new construction warehouse you will soon lose 20.000 EUR before only 1 solar panel is installed.

Above that, from 2020 onwards the smart meter will ensure that the power you put on the net is suddenly worth only 5 to 6 cents more than the current that you use (30 cents). In other words, the more power you send on the net, the more you lose. Time to do self-sufficiency.

Classically with a family, 30% of the energy generated is consumed directly. This is different for a warehouse, factory or anything simular.

Let YouPower calculate the ideal EnergyMix for you and enjoy 100% green energy that you have generated yourself and avoid all these unnecessary costs.

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