About us

YouPower. How it started.

100% self-sufficient, without any connection to the public power grid!

In early 2018 some befriended entrepreneurs got together to find an answer to this question presented to them by another entrepreneur. Each of us had our own background and specialization, and we all tried to find a solution.

At the end of 2018 we installed the – at that time – largest off the grid system in Belgium. The preliminary study, the entire execution, the testing phase followed by the commissioning: all of it was implemented by 6 young people. Young men who wanted to further develop and expand this. Our company name YouPower was launched, our logo was designed and our website was built. The rest is history.

The YouPower team

YouPower specialized in the calculation and installation of off-grid systems.

Our core tasks:

  • Size and design off the grid systems
  • Calculate the required capacities
  • Develop and implement the entire installation

YouPower’s added value:

  • Pioneers with proper experience in 'going off the grid'
  • Experts in battery technology
  • Many references to finished and ongoing off-grid projects
  • After-sales-service: follow-up on the grid
  • Accessible 24/7

State-of-the-art technology:

  • Real-time follow-up via app
  • Alerts on your mobile phone
  • Can be combined with other systems

The YouPower team

From left: Kurt Wante, Steven Michiels, Bart De Schaepmeester, Tim De Schryver, Bart Blindeman.

YouPower, full of energy

Team Youpower

Project – Sales

Kurt Wante


Tim De Schryver


Bart Blindeman


Bart De Schaepmeester

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