Semi-off grid solution

YouPower’s semi-off grid solution

De YouPower’s semi-off grid solution is ideal for medium-sized consumers who already generate quite some energy through their own solar panels, but who still want to use the public power grid during particular parts of the day or night, as an additional energy source. The public grid functions in fact as a generator, and is called upon in times with little to no sunshine, at night or when their battery is empty.

Youpower Semi-off grid solution

In such a case a SME or an agricultural company with a standard connection to the public grid – 3 x 400 V + N then chooses to use as little electricity from the public grid as possible, and to be self-sufficient to the greatest extent possible. Youpower's automatic transfer switch changes between the public grid and the off the grid system at a very high speed. The consumption decreases with an average of 75% and the SME is also free to increase the already present number of solar panels, without having to pay any taxes considering these solar panels are not connected to the public grid.

In a semi-off grid system the electricity comes either from the public grid or from the off-grid system. This means the battery is never charged through the public grid, and unused solar energy is never returned to the grid. YouPower’s transfer switch separates both energy systems.

Another advantage is that in case of power failure of the public grid, the off the grid system allows you to continue work. The best of both worlds! For powers up to 75,6 kVA, or 3 x 400 V + N, 63 A.

Youpower’s semi-off grid system is also a more affordable investment because it needs fewer solar panels (after all, the public grid can assist when needed), and in most cases it also needs a lower battery capacity and less power. After an assessment period the SME or agricultural company can still opt for a 100% off the grid system. YouPower’s semi-off grid installation is ready for it.

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