Recycling - Battery Disassembly Center

Battery Disassembly Center

YouPower has been the number one reference in battery technology since 2016 and is specialised in complex installations such as off-grid systems and, more recently, in battery recycling and recovery.

BDC (Battery Disassembly Center) is part of YouPower and recycles lithium batteries by disassembling them. We disassemble old and broken lithium batteries taken out of cars, home batteries, bicycles, etc. Our shredding machine dismantles the battery, and separates the raw materials such as copper, aluminium, heavy carbon, etc. and black mass.

Intake and reception

The first step in the process is the intake and reception of damaged cars, e-bikes, lithium batteries and other smaller lithium applications.


Battery removal

The battery is safely removed from the vehicle. We determine the type and the features of the battery, we assess its condition and check to what extent the cells have been damaged. If necessary, we adopt additional safety measures.


Battery screening

In case of a positive outcome of the screening, the battery is considered safe and ready for further dismantling. If a screened battery is found to be suitable, it can be reused in second life applications. If not, they are identified as end of life after the measurements.


Safe disassembly of the batteries

The disassembly of batteries is a complex procedure and is performed by experts. Safe and accurate handling is the key to success. Clear disassembling instructions are to be observed. Our experience with various car brands makes the difference.


Second life batteries

Cells that are still suitable can be used in a second life applications. If not, they are put in the shredding machine to separated the various parts and materials.

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