YouPower, customized off-grid system

Do you want energy independence? Go off the grid.

Making use of the Belgian electricity grid is often taken for granted. Nevertheless, there is a perfect alternative: provide your own energy and be independent of expensive public grid energy. Your very own, local energy-generating system supplies your electricity. It doesn’t even matter how you generate that energy (solar panels, wind, etc.). YouPower offers you a smart off-grid system that converts energy in electricity.

Youpower off-grid system

YouPower’s off-grid systems show that it’s easy to avoid expensive connections to the public grid. In short, it’s reliable, there are no external parties and you no longer receive monthly invoices. Always and anywhere. Even the environment will be grateful.

Youpower off-grid system

Go Green met Youpower off-grid systems.

How does it work?

Solar panels, wind turbines, etc. generate energy in an ecological way. YouPower’s off-grid system makes it possible for you to use this energy directly and immediately in your home, warehouse or company. And all energy that is not immediately used, is stored in a battery. During darker times, for instance in the evening (when solar panels are used), or in times with less wind (when a wind turbine is used), the battery system provides the extra energy you might need.

YouPower’s off-grid system in practice

The YouPower engineering office calculates the off-grid system that is perfect for you:

  • Type, number and position of the solar panels, considering the geographical location
  • Type and capacity of the inverter(s), considering a new or already installed solar installatione
  • Type and capacity of the emergency generator, if applicable
  • Type and capacity of the batteries

The solar panels are connected to the YouPower off-grid system. The generated solar energy is direct current (DC) and is converted to alternating current (AC) through the inverter(s). It’s possible to use this power immediately.

The smart off-grid system makes sure that no energy is lost, and it functions as both inverter for direct use, and as a charger for battery storage. It still remains possible to connect it to an emergency generator, or even to the public power grid. There are really no limits to the YouPower off-grid system. YouPower accurately calculates what is the best solution for your particular situation.

Youpower off-grid systeem

Off the grid: for private, industrial and agricultural settings.

Customized off-grid installation

Your need for energy determines the size and type of the installation. YouPower’s off-grid installation is always made to size of the customer. It’s adjustable and can always be enlarged. Did you expand your business premises, or your home? Do you have room for additional solar panels, or can you provide an extra energy source, such as for instance a wind turbine? Do you generate more energy than needed?


Platform with a YouPower off-grid system.

YouPower solar panels combined with an off the grid system.

Youpower off-grid systeem

YouPower’s off grid system can always be adjusted and expanded.

Quickly recouped

By supplying your own energy in full independence, you can save on many unnecessary expenses. Your investment is recouped in short term.

Did you already install solar panels? Perfect! But you’re paying the so-called prosumer rate for them. And there are additional costs: injection meter, four quadrant energy meter, disconnection panel, connection costs, reinforcement of the grid, etc. For a newly built warehouse the costs amount to 20,000 euro even before one solar panel is installed.

Moreover, from 2020, the smart meter makes sure that the value of the power you put on the grid is only 5 to 6 cents higher, while the power you take from the public grid costs you 30 cents. In other words: the more power you feed back into the grid, the higher your loss. So it’s time to meet you energy demands yourself.

A classic family uses approximately 25% of the generated energy in a direct way. This percentage is much higher in warehouses, companies and plants, and the recouping effects will be even higher.

YouPower’s off-grid system enables you to observe and control all of it in real time

Youpower off-grid systeem

Youpower off-grid systeem

Real-time data energy monitor.

Youpower off-grid systeem

YouPower calculates the energy mix that is ideal for you. Fully enjoy the green energy you generated yourself and avoid unnecessary costs. uses cookies to improve your experience on this site. By continuing to browse, you consent to our use of cookies.