A home battery. Also for you!

A home battery makes you smarter than 'the smart meter'

The electricity rates vary daily. The main part of an energy bill are the taxes, and you’re almost punished for having solar panels. So it’s time to start using your own energy directly and to store any surplus energy..

Be smarter than 'the smart meter'
Therefore it’s important to use the energy generated by solar panels or through any other way, immediately and directly. Unfortunately, the sun only shines during the daytime; thus mostly on moments on which the energy consumption usually is low. That’s why a home battery is the perfect solution. The energy generated during the day is simply stored to be used at a later moment. So at the right time, you can enjoy the free and green energy you generated, instead of first giving it away to the public grid almost for free, and later retrieving it at a rate that has tripled.

If you would like to install solar panels, please also consider getting a battery.

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Peak shaving through a home battery

An additional advantage of a home battery will become effective after the application of the so-called capacity rate. From 2022 on, the grid operator will charge a higher rate for peak consumption periods. Families cooking after work and/or using their washing machine and dryer even in off-peak hours, will generate a peak load. Such peak moments will be charged rather highly. Consumers with a home battery will again have an advantage because with their peak shaving they can spread their usage and as such, avoid peaks.

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Consumption control

At any time of the day, you can check how much energy you generate, how much you’re using at that exact moment, how much you store in the battery, etc. All of this nicely represented in a chart. . 
Clarity at last. No small print and no hidden numbers.

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No power failures

YouPower can separately connect your main systems and equipment to the battery. In case of power failure of the public power grid, your household doesn’t come to a standstill. An independent control system makes sure that your energy supply is not interrupted in the event of power shortage or failure, thanks to the direct consumption of solar energy and the battery storage.

No prosumer rate

Combined with the “smart” meter, you no longer pay the prosumer rate! This easily saves you up to 900 euro per year if you have a 10 kW installation.

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This charger/discharger is the installation’s heart, and it will always use the cheapest energy source first. When the sun is shining, you use directly from the sun. Any surplus energy is stored in the battery. No or little generated solar energy? Use the energy stored in the battery. Moreover, the battery is fully activated when it’s cloudy and the consumption is higher than the solar energy production. Also in those cases, the battery is activated.





ESS : Energy Storage Systems

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YouPower controls the entire cycle, does prior measurements and connects almost all inverter types to the home battery. The full process is displayed on your smartphone. The connection and setting of solar panels, battery and electricity from the grid is a cooperation of various systems. The MultiPlus-II, for instance, is the main part of the Victron ESS (energy storage system) and guarantees a flexible combination with MPPT solar chargers or PV inverters that are connected to the grid. Consult the ESS manual to check out examples, and to learn more.




Uninterrupted AC voltage (UPS function)

Youpower home battery solutions 08In the event of power failure the system’s inverter will be activated automatically, and take over the supply towards the connected equipment. This is done at such a high speed (within 20 milliseconds) that computers and other electronics can remain in full operation.



Remote monitoring and control

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Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to monitor and control your energy system from anywhere in the world, locally (LAN) or remotely, with the free VRM application and the VRM portal website. Various control systems support this. Through the required Color Control GX or Venus GX the control level is unrestricted: adjust the system, automatic start of the back-up generator, etc. In short, remote monitoring and control.



The YouPower team includes 3 certified battery experts. We check which products of our range meet your demands, budget and possibilities. We connect a new battery or revise an installed one. Besides, we are the ideal partner for maintenance and repair work of already installed battery systems.

Large battery range

Youpower Large battery range

Always the perfect battery: configured for any application.

Expandable battery system

Youpower Expandable battery system

Thanks to the modular design, the Battery-Box is always adjustable and expandable according to your needs.

High power batteries

Youpower High power batteries

Sufficient power for any application, both energy back-up and storage.

High power batteries

Youpower Modular design – maximum flexibility

Modular design – maximum flexibility of all Battery-Box systems.

Youpower home battery Long life – Comprehensive endurance tests proof a great performance along with a long life

Long life – Comprehensive endurance tests proof a great performance along with a long life.

Youpower High Performance – Award-winning performances and non-stop power.

High Performance – Award-winning performances and non-stop power.

Youpower 10 years’ warranty

10 years’ warranty on the permanence of power.

Youpower home battery Safety certificate

Safety certificate – All products meet the international norms and standards, such as TUV, UL and CE and RCM.

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