Farm with smart control

Semi Off-grid in Tielt | Farm with smart control

Project requirements and solution:

The public power grid didn’t seem to offer the best solution, and if the farm wanted to expand, medium voltage was appropriate. This would have been very expensive, but a semi-off grid system now offers the best of both worlds.
The battery system ensures an increased power so there’s no need for reinforcement. There still is a connection to the public power grid, but only as a charger. Solar panels and possibly a wind turbine at a later stage guarantee the power and consumption. The battery reinforces everything and provides the needed energy. Only when the battery is low, one switches to the public power grid.
Other advantages with smart control to boilers that additionally heat in case of energy excess. And why not charge and discharge to the public power grid at market price? This farm will only take 5% of its total annual consumption from the public power grid.

Amount of charge: 45 kVA
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