Semi-off grid - sun and wind

Semi-off grid thanks to sun and wind

Project requirements and solution:

  • Capacity 3 x 400 63A – only battery. When the solar panels generate energy, or possibly a wind turbine, this capacity can be added so no medium voltage is required!
  • V2H – the new electric vehicle will work bidirectional. In the event of a shortage, the battery of the vehicle can serve as a home battery.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Solar panels are actively monitored and everything is available at once: consumption, yield etc. in clear data.
  • Drop-off: when the battery is fully charged, a boiler is used via a resistor. This way, water is used as a battery.
  • Smart control: we can add various control systems to the system. On a farm, we can control pumps, boilers, etc. when there is excess production of energy. This ensures a maximum yield, and saves money.
  • Charge: with our charger we can still activate the mains electricity as a back-up. For instance in the event of high consumption or little energy production. In fact, the mains electricity functions as emergency power.
  • Charge at market price: it’s possible to charge at market price, depending on the user’s contract. This way, a winter’s night with strong winds can surely add value.
  • Option to connect a generator.
  • Maintenance of the Flemish green power certificate if applicable.
  • Open Source, allowing further programming options.
  • VMany options; everything functions without any intervention.

Amount of charge: 45 kVA
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