Off grid installation with battery storage

Off grid installation with battery storage | Project features

  • Address: 8730 Beernem
  • Activity: research & educatie

Project requirements

  1. 100% disconnection to public power grid
  2. Solar panels as energy generator
  3. Battery system
  4. Installation of an emergency generator for times with high consumption and/or little sunshine
  5. Minimal use of the emergency generator
  6. Show a significant advantage as opposed to connection to the public power grid

YouPower off-grid system

Off grid systeem Beernem 02

Energievoorziening voor

  • Private home
  • Supply to greenhouses and ponds
  • Scientific research

Great advantage as opposed to the current connection

  • The customer now receives a monthly invoice for electricity of over 800 EUR
  • No price decrease in the near futureg
  • Eco-friendly choice
  • The required number of solar panels to somewhat meet the energy demand, would imply the necessity of a grid study by Fluvius, the installation of a disconnection panel, and maybe even a medium voltage cabin. These are unnecessary costs that could amount to 30,000 EUR. By choosing an off the grid system, the expense is not needed.


  • A full power of 17 kWp of solar panels meets the energy demand
  • Close monitoring of the energy consumption
  • The entire system can be expanded at any given time

Battery system

  • In the preliminary study, YouPower determines the required capacity for the battery storage
  • The battery capacity is also expandable in a later phase
  • No oversizing. During the process we learn all about the system dimensions, without unnecessary costs

Return on Investment

  • The current energy cost through the public power grid is approximately 10,000 EUR per year
  • High consumption during the day and excess at night: perfect to install an off the grid system uses cookies to improve your experience on this site. By continuing to browse, you consent to our use of cookies.