Special Renting Van Zele

Going off the grid | Project features

  • Customer: Special Renting bv
  • Address: Wijnveld 34, 9240 Zele
  • Activity: rental of (electric) lifting gear

Project requirements

  1. 100% disconnection from the public power grid
  2. Solar panels as energy generator
  3. Battery system
  4. Installation of an emergency generator for periods with high consumption and/or little sunshine
  5. Make minimal use of the emergency generator
  6. Must be economically responsible as opposed to a traditional connection

YouPower off-grid systeem

Special Renting Van Zele

Power supply for

  • the warehouse
  • the offices
  • the storage room for rolling equipment

Energy excess is used to charge the electric lifting gear. In short, the power must meet the full electricity demand for the warehouse, the offices, the rolling equipment, etc.

No connection to the public power grid

  • The grid study provides no connection to the traditional power
  • Installation of a voltage cabin and a disconnection board

Installation of solar panels

  • A total power of 30 kWp of solar panels maximally provides the energy demand
  • The generated solar energy is used immediately and directly, the excess energy is used to charge the batteries

Battery system

  • The required capacity of battery storage is determined during the preliminary study

Emergency generator

  • The emergency generator is only activated if the generated energy is insufficient, for instance during darker times of the year or in moments of peak consumption when the battery is too low
  • It’s being assumed that approximately 5% of the entire annual energy demand will be covered like this

Return on Investment

  • The full YouPower off grid installation will be recouped within 6,5 years
  • The higher the consumption, the more profitable the system

Consumption data during 1 year

  • The generated solar power easily meets the demand
  • Only in winter, the capacity of the battery is insufficient, so the genset must be activated

Special Renting Van Zele

The above graph shows that in winter the battery regularly runs empty, resulting in the activation of the genset. But only in winter months. The following tables indicate how many times the generator is activated.

Special Renting Van Zele

The data in the previous tables is now shown with an example of a typical winter day, in Last 24h at the bottom. Starting in December, the genset is activated for a couple of days; January being the “worst” month.

Special Renting Van Zele

Our monitoring software monitoring software also indicate the amount of solar energy that is directly used, and how much of it is stored in the batteries. This can easily be monitored in real time via the app.

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