Off-grid installation in Lokeren

Off grid installation with battery system | Project featuresn

  • Address: 9160 Lokeren
  • Activity: private person

Project features

  1. New construction without connections
  2. Solar panels as energy generator
  3. LFP battery system
  4. Installation of an emergency generator for periods with high consumption and/or little sunshine
  5. Clear sizing

YouPower off-grid system

Off grid installatie Lokeren

Power supply for

  • Private home
  • Storage area
  • Large garden

From the start

  • No connection = no connection costs
  • Never a smart or dumb meter at home
  • Eco-friendly choice
  • No more electricity bills

Flat roof

  • Advantage of a flat roof that was provided with the perfect sizing
  • Live situation updates
  • The entire system can be expanded at any given time

Battery system

  • In the preliminary study, YouPower determines the required capacity of the battery storage
  • The battery capacity can also be expanded afterwards
  • New constructions are built in a very energy-efficient way. Why provide an expensive connection? uses cookies to improve your experience on this site. By continuing to browse, you consent to our use of cookies.