Semi-off grid in Londerzeel

Semi-off grid in Londerzeel | Project features

  • Address: 1840 Londerzeel
  • Activity: dairy farm

Project requirements

  1. Avoid an expensive medium voltage cabin and connection
  2. Solar panels + wind turbine as energy generators
  3. LFP battery system
  4. Semi off-grid

YouPower semi off-grid systeem

londerzeel 01

Power supply for

  • Dairy farm

Maximum savings

  • No expensive purchase nor rental of meters of a low voltage cabin
  • No need to lay heavy cables on the property
  • No taxes nor invoices for the off-grid part
  • No maintenance contracts or costs

From the start

  • No medium voltage cabin implies immediate savings of at least 60,000 EUR, and no heavy cables to be laid on the property
  • If the farm expands, the solar panels and batteries simply grow along
  • Eco-friendly choice
  • Connect as much as possible to the system and the monitoring

Solar panels + wind turbine = the perfect marriage

  • Solar panels generate electricity mostly in summer, and obviously during the day
  • Wind turbines provide an almost constant power, also at night and mostly in winter
  • The combination of both is therefore ideal

Battery system

  • In the preliminary study, YouPower determines the required capacity of the battery storage
  • The battery capacity can also be expanded afterwards uses cookies to improve your experience on this site. By continuing to browse, you consent to our use of cookies.