Farm avoids medium voltage

Off-grid te Lokeren | Farm avoids medium voltage tension

No medium voltage

This dairy farm grows fast. The power supply must keep up with that. Fluvius couldn’t guarantee this without switching to medium voltage and the price to do so is quite high, and it’s an unnecessary investment. It’s better to invest this budget in solar panels, a wind turbine and a battery system. This investment is recouped within 4 years because no medium voltage is required and it’s your property.

Substantial savings

Even without the medium voltage the savings are high. The energy price increases every year, but that doesn’t matter when you generate your own electricity. Sunshine and wind are for free. If no medium voltage is required, an off grid system is still interesting, and usually your investment is recouped within 6 to 8 years.

Sun + wind

The combination of sun and wind still is a winning formula. In winter, there’s more wind and in summer the sun shines more often. For this farm, it means continuous power throughout the year. uses cookies to improve your experience on this site. By continuing to browse, you consent to our use of cookies.