Individual off grid system

Semi-off grid in Heusden-Zolder | Individual off grid system

Greater power of solar panels in single phase system

In Belgium, the power of solar panels in a single phase system is restricted to 5 kW. However, this is not enough to provide energy all year round. Our semi-off grid system is not subject to this restriction and doesn’t limit the solar panels because they are not directly connected to the public power grid.

No prosumer rate

The solar panels are used in the own off the grid system. The home battery is directly connected to it. In simple terms, only when the home battery ran out and the sun isn’t shining, we switch to the public power grid.


Our free software enables you to monitor the consumption and the remaining energy level of the battery in live stream. The switch-over between your individual off grid system and the public power grid is automatic. In the future an electric vehicle can also be connected to the system, and even have an active part in it. Our customer in Heusden-Zolder is ready for it. uses cookies to improve your experience on this site. By continuing to browse, you consent to our use of cookies.